For Benefit Advisers Wanting To Improve Their Presentation Skills And Win More Business


If you wish you had a bigger sales pipeline...more opportunities to go after bigger prospects...or you just need more people to hear your message...then keep reading...

If you know you need to grow your book of business faster than you are today, but you don't have clarity on how to do it, and you're sick of trying the "traditional" methods of prospecting, then this message is just for you. Here's why...

We have created the one thing we wish we had years ago to grow our revenue and now YOU have the opportunity to unlock our knowledge and network of subject-matter experts in our new coaching program designed to help you fill your sales pipeline in less time and less effort!

If You're Revenue Is Not Growing As Fast As You'd Like, You Have Two Choices...

What most benefit advisers do when faced with low sales or an empty pipeline is "press". Instead of finding a new solution, they keep doing the same things, expecting different results, finding themselves even more frustrated. Here's why the traditional methods of prospecting aren't as effective as they used to be...

  • The health insurance industry is overrun with "noise" 
  • The pandora's box has been opened, there are fewer secrets and competitive advantages
  • Benefit advisers can no longer compete on resources and capabilities alone

And what happens if you do nothing at all? If you just keep doing what you've always done? Nothing. You continue to watch yourself grow frustrated as you see competitors winning the business you know you should be earning. Your pipeline continues to hover near "empty". Worse yet, you start wondering if this career is even for you. Have you ever had this feeling before? It stinks!!!! 

How Pitching From The Stage Can Help You Fill Your Sales Pipeline Faster With Less Effort

We Have Created EXACTLY What We Wish Existed When We Were Getting Started

We've got a solution that works.  

We have had so many benefit advisers ask us how they can fill their pipelines and hit their sales goals faster than they are today. What can they do rise above the "noise", rise above competition who is armed with more resources than they are? How can they get their prospects to hear their message as loud and as often as possible?  

Then, we had an idea. What if we created a program to help benefit advisers develop a unique message that would help them create more prospecting opportunities? What if we helped them craft a presentation that was impactful, compelling, and called their prospects to action?  

Even more, what if we shared the secrets that have helped us create the engagement, relationships, and authority every benefit adviser wants to have?  

Well, that's exactly what we've done and that's exactly why we've created Pitching From the Stage!  

Intrigued? Well, we've got a little message for you below!  

Pitching From The Stage Has Worked For These People, And It Can Work For You

We've spent years and thousands of dollars honing our skills on stage to create presentations that are impactful and memorable. We've made tons of mistakes on stage. But...with patience, persistence, and practice we've been able to use the public speaking platform to establish the engagement, relationships, and authority with prospects we had never been able to connect with before. 

And it's not just us, here's what Pitching From The Stage has done for others...

Pitching From the Stage gave me the confidence to create a story and talk that allowed  

me to create an emotional connection with my audience. The steps and techniques I learned  

gave me the confidence and skill set to do this. Without this coaching program, I am certain my  

talk (at BenefitsPro Expo) would not have been as effective.  

- Jim Blachek

One of the best decisions I have made is to invest in Pitching From the Stage. Before the coaching  

program I had absolutely no idea how to properly put a talk together. Since finishing the program,  

I now have an amazing talk and thoroughly understand the "science" behind creating a talk that  

can reach any audience!  

- Felipe Bargarnier

My fear and apprehension over hosting a seminar had nothing to do with the act of public speaking itself.

I was afraid that nobody would show up to hear my talk. Not only was I compelled to tell my story, 

but I also learned how to market my event in a way that grabbed people's attention. I now have a repeatable

pattern for how to plan, market, and execute a successful event...

- Chris Wolpert

Now, It's Your Turn...  

When you make the smart decision and join Pitching From The Stage, you'll join us and TOGETHER WE WILL...  

  • Teach you the FORMULA behind an effective presentation
  • Help you create a story that is UNIQUELY yours
  • Show you how to ENGAGE your audience early and often
  • Help you GAIN CLARITY around your message
  • Give you the CONFIDENCE to "rinse and repeat" as often as you can  

We will completely REINVENT THE WAY YOU FILL YOUR SALES PIPELINE by helping you craft a message that gives you the ENGAGEMENT, RELATIONSHIPS, and AUTHORITY you need!

This is a program we offer on a one-on-one basis that costs over $3,000...but now it's yours for a fraction of the cost

Here's What's Included When You Join...

  • 4 ONLINE LIVE GROUP TRAINING CALLS - Four LIVE "Zoom" online meetings with course material and Q&A. Each call will be 60 minutes. Use Q&A as YOUR time to ask questions and get answers from us and the Pitching From the Stage community. (For the dates of the calls, please reference the FAQ section below.)
  • ACTION STEPS FOR IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION - Each call will conclude with action steps you can take and implement into your presentations immediately. When the four calls are completed, you will have the formula to consistently create impactful and memorable presentations!
  • *BONUS* 15-MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE CALL - This is your chance to take advantage of one-on-one time with us to help you use the public speaking platform to grow your pipeline and your revenue in less time, with less effort!

Lessons Covered Include...


Why you want to be leveraging public speaking

Building blocks for an effective presentation

Overview of IMPACT


Deep dive into IMPACT formula

Fitting your message to your market and ideal prospects

Setting the foundation for differentiation


How to storyboard and construct the message

How to position yourself in the message to make your audience the hero

Power Point do's and don'ts (controlling the room)


Social Proof - why you need it

Marketing an event

Effective event follow up

Secure Your Spot Now!

It's Decision Time...

You have a choice to make: Do what you've been doing. Keep fighting the "good fight" and battle with your competition for each and every prospect you pursue. You can try to convince prospects that your ideas are different and better (even though they're seeing it as "all the same"). You can continue to swim in a sea of "noise" wondering why your business isn't growing like it should.


You can take it right now and get a new result! Join Pitching From the Stage now. Fill your pipeling in less time, with less effort. Open doors to prospects you can't get into today. Share your compelling message with the world and watch your revenue grow like you've always dreamed it should!

Join NOW!

Pitching From the Stage

The course is normally $499, but as a listener of the ShiftShapers podcast, you're receiving this course for the reduced investment of...

$399.00 One-Time Investment


Who is Pitching From the Stage for?

Employee Benefit Advisers and industry vendor partners

How many coaching calls are there?


What are the dates of the coaching calls?

Wednesday, July 10, 1:30 PM EST

Tuesday, July 16, 3:00 PM EST

Wednesday, July 24, 1:30 PM EST

Wednesday, July 31, 1:30 PM EST

How long is each coaching call?

60 minutes

Will the coachings be recorded if I cannot make a specific call?


Our Mission

Hello! David Saltzman and Andy Neary here. Pitching From the Stage is our opportunity to give back to an industry that has given us so much.

We believe employee benefits advisers across the country have the opportunity to step up and stand out like never before, and we feel it's our responsibility to help you make this happen

Pitching From the Stage will give you the tools you need to give presentations that are impactful, memorable, and have your prospects wanting to do business with you. We will be sharing tips and tricks with you that we have successfully used in the 1,000+ public speaking engagements we have done. Best of all, you'll walk away from this course feeling confident that you have a message that will differentiate you from your competition.

Remember, winning the business you know you're capable takes engagement, relationships, and authority. Pitching From the Stage will give you the quickest shortcut to making this happen!

If you're ready to be a part of a brand new type of industry community then take the first step and register TODAY!